Fernando JS

Software Developer and Technical Advisor

Software Developer and Technical Consultant of software using Microsoft technologies and agile methodologies.

Asp.Net C #, Asp.Net MVC, SQL Server, Microsoft Cloud Azure, Scalability, Git, DevOps.

Specialist in ERP and Marketplaces integrations.

Fernando JS - Software Developer and Technical Consultant - Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, C#, Architecture, Maintenance and Training.

14 years of experience, specialist in Microsoft technologies.

MCP Google Dev

Hello, my name is Fernando, 35 years old, Computer Scientist. I am an expert in Microsoft technologies: C #, Asp.Net MVC, SQL Server, Azure Database, Cloud Azure etc.

Always using the practical improvements of Software Architecture and Project Management to make development processes agile and reliable.

I have a degree in Computer Science from UFPR, I have Microsoft and Google certifications and I work with systems development since 2004.

I work as a Software Consultant, Technical Leader, Architect, Analyst or Software Developer for new projects or maintenance.

Virtually 100% of my work is done remotely via Skype, always focusing on quality and reliability.



Customized Software

Tailor-made and agile development to your company with quality using Microsoft technologies.

Technical Consultant

All our knowledge and experience available to your company. Video conferencing via internet.

Application Analysis

Analysis of performance, survey of critical points, appointment and monitoring of improvements in the architecture, programming and management of the team.

Integrations and Marketplaces

Integrations between ERPs and Marketplaces APIs. Experience to solve and optimize for the main problems and challenges. More than 4 years of experience in the main players of this market: B2W, Cnova, Magazine Luiza, Amazon, Vtex etc.

Advanced Consulting Visual Studio, Cloud Azure, Architecture, Microservices, API, SaaS

System integrations and Marketplaces B2W, Cnova, Walmart, Amazon, Carrefour, MercadoLivre, KPL, Vtex, OnClick


Dynamic Price

Pricing system for e-commerce.


Erp Integration and Marketplaces.

Rocket CMS

Content Manager System in Asp.Net MVC.

Terra View

ERP for large scale earthmoving.

Warehouse 3D

3D Logistics System

Envit PRO

Occupational Management System

Tamboré Mármore

Consulting - Modernization


Portal for coupons and discounts.

Concret 3D

Arduino 3D modeling


Some clients that are part of my story.

Contact Me

Contact Me

Skype: eu.fernandojs

LinkedIn: fernandojs

Email: fernandojs@gm**ail.com